I've been thinking the same I'm sticking to CJ, Qhemets, and one or 2 staples from other lines like AO mandarin magic, UFDCM, and Tresemme naturals

although I'm dying to try the b.a.s.k. line thanks to NEA and Chicago Kinks
Originally Posted by Mzmorenaza
It's worth trying, Mzmorenaza. Very nice line.
Originally Posted by NEA
I agree this is a good line, I'm really liking this stuff.

I can't say that I will back off from trying new lines and start-up businesses. I already don't hesitate to file a complaint if I even "suspect" my items won't arrive.

vIa mY cURl TaLk ApP
Originally Posted by Chicago Kinks
This. I'm the same way. I've found some of the best hair products, trying out new start-ups. I'll long as they don't discourage me with over-the-top shipping fees.

The key is "trust no one", and use what's in place to protect your funds. I don't get lulled into a mindless state by anybody. I have total control, during the entire business transaction.
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