I know this is the swap board, but I figured I would get more reads in the european section.

I'm going to Spain in October, and I'm going to be there for 8 months. Before I go, I plan to get kinky twists or box braids. I think that the longest I can keep them in is 3 months. I'm learning how to do cornrows myself and will probably do a lot of twists. Are there any ladies who live in Spain or have lived in Spain who know of a good salon that specializes in twists or braids? I expect to have to travel to Madrid or Barcelona to get it done, but I need to know who I can trust that will do a good job and not rip out my hair. I know everyone will probably direct me to African-Spaniards. Last year, I let some Nigerians do my hair and they didn't know how so they suggested that I get a perm, so I'm going to be cautious this year.

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