It's been red for 4 months. Bleached once all over and dyed it probably twice. I put a little dye in my conditioner and topped my hair with every other wash, though this was probably so unnecessary for my hair. I haven't done this in weeks but also don't use shampoo!

I attempted to fade this 3x with clarifying shampoo, vitamin c powder (makes my hair feel icky tho) and I swear it only makes it look brighter. It does get orange/yellow near the roots but everywhere is the same!

Bleach is not an option.
Color Opps is but ugh, egg smell!

I think if I do that it'll be a ginger color. It'll still have red in it, how do I neutralize it? Ash brown ?
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Wow!!! now thats a red...awesome!!your hair looks in great condition, so
I agree, with the whiteowl If oyou really want a change, seek out a color specialist.Ive ronald mcdonalded myself a few times, (and kinda liked it,actually)A professional,will help you with options, which way to go, without damage, very much like the red, though. I keep telling my colorist someday..its brilliant.
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