Oh, goodness, I didn't mean to sound snarky. When you're new to wearing and styling your hair wavy, you're not sure how it will end up looking, you're not sure what works (products or techniques) and it takes time to figure it all out and see what your hair wants to do and then get down to accepting it and actually liking it. You will.
Plus, you have a curly mother and sister, so you've probably felt like the odd one out. People understand that curls are curls, but waves are kind of a mystery.
I think you'll find that your hair does indeed have a beautiful wave to it and because it is fine, it might do well with flaxseed gel to enhance the waves and curls and give you "clumps" (aloe vera gel can do the same for some of us). Jessicurl is FSG. A strong-hold gel with it will work best because you need that hold while your hair dries.
Fine-hair tricks are getting lots of water out of hair before applying products (water-weight pulls out waves), diffusing (Pixie diffusing) to let the (low) heat set in the waves and curls, letting it dry good and crunchy, then scrunching out the crunch so you get those touchable-looking waves you posted pictures of.

Fine-haired wavies get weighed down easily, you have to find that fine line between enough product and too much. Some prefer mousse because it is so light. Keep trying things. More waves to come!
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I don't think it sounded snarky! I just knew what you meant, and thought I'd explain.