Hello!! I'm super new to the transitioning process and I have almost everything down except the protective styling bit.. As much as I research it I can never find a straight answer.. Now are protective styles suppose to protect just the ends? I keep reading that protective styles are suppose to protect the hair against the elements (heat, rain, wind), but unless I get either a weave or a wig, i'm not really protecting all of my hair which may lead to damage couldn't it?? Also is a bun/ ponytail a good protective style, or are braids necessary for the whole transitioning process?? As much as i'm okay with braids, I'm not ready to have them in yet (last braids were about 2 yrs ago..).. I really love the fact that i'm actually working with my natural hair and since its so new to me, i'm not ready to "put it away" just yet .. Last relaxer was July,16,2011 and counting down!!!
ps. And if there are any sulfate free shampoos you guys can recommend I would be eternally greatful