my hair was never much affected and did come back to normal (thick and coarse) once I was over 100lb consistently.

On fats, healthy fats, what helped me was a summer when I was dancing a lot and ate a lot of avocados, and actually lost weight. Which I guess wasn't exactly healthy thinking but it did make me less afraid of fat in food.

On body image (way off topic now) really it got completely resolved when I got pregnant (which didn't happen until I was at 125lb - i am 5'9" so wasn't fertile at lower weight - at that time I was still kind of worried about food but not crazy) because i saw the big round belly and it was just PRETTY, you know? My thinking really changed. Ever since then no relapse into bad feelings about food. I was still kinda controlley about it but definitely not to where it was making me too skinny.

I am 43 now, 4 kids and 130lb. Still thin and still attached to being thin but definitely focused on eating healthy and I do have a good relationship with food now, not playing at weight loss, if I get under 130 I eat more and do not feel icky about it.

I hope you ladies have a lasting recovery, best wishes to you.
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