Also pretzels dipped in homemade ranch (i could lose track of time eating these)
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This is so one of my favorite snacks! Though I don't make legit dressing. I like the dressing mix in sour cream. NOT the Dips mix. They do taste way different. I also love the Snyders buffalo pretzels in sour cream.

Cottage Cheese and applesauce
Cottage Cheese and French Dressing
Doritoes (cheese) on tuna sandwiches
Plan chips on ham sammiches
grilled cheese with jelly on top (no one else I know likes this outside my family I usually gets some weird looks when I ask for the jelly)
pretzels in ice cream
cold spaghettios (I will not eat them warm)

I prefer vinegar on my leafy green veggies and broccoli. I won't eat them any other way unless baked into something (preferably cheesy!).

I too drink pickle juice. Always have. I find dill pickles help settle my stomach when I don't feel good.

I like my iced tea mix super duper strong and sweet.

My grandfather eats the weirdest stuff, lately cuz I've been doing their groceries and helping to get them dinner I am amazed by the things. Cold baked beans and mayo, egg salad with bleu cheese dressing, spam with mustard.

We also used to have steak and french fries at my grandparents all the time and when I was younger we would put Seven Seas Herbs and Spices dressing on both. It was so yummy! Sadly they don't make the dressing anymore. Italian is a poor substitute for the fries.