Hey girls!

It's been a while that I have been on a CG routine (which I first heard about from this website!) and have always wanted to post my pics but never really did.... I'm a procrastinator!

I started CG in the end of January 2010. Before that I had already thought I had wavy hair and for 12 years I blew it dry straight, and for 10 of those 12 years I fried my hair with the flat iron as well. Had tried to just wear my hair natural but couldn't stand how it looked.... CG changed my life (and my hair!), I'm so much happier about my hair now and I confess I love getting compliments from other women in the church's bathroom...lol

My first picture is my before picture, one day I just washed and let it air dry in hopes to wear it natural. The second one is after the first day on CG, the third one was about three days into CG, the fourth one was a couple of weeks after staring CG (and the day I first tried FSG) and the last one is a close up of my curls in the end of last year. I need to take a nice picture of how it looks now, but it's about the same as the last picture but a bit shorter... I also lost a bit of volume and sometimes my hair gets quite stringy, that's when I know it's time for a bit of sulfate-free shampoo....
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