How women running for office are treated by the media should outrage us all (it does me) but typically we get more caught up in whether we like the candidate or not and therefore cannot see objectively-and worse, join in. I am astounded that people cannot see it.

I am not a Palin fan, however, how she was treated in the media (just compared to men-I am not talking about anything else she brought upon herself) should have had women everywhere rising up and this woman will be treated no differently (I do not know enough about this candidate to know if I am a fan or not).

Palin was asked, if you remember, how her children would fare (who would care for them, etc.) if she was in office. I really cannot remember any man being asked who would tend his children if he was president or VP.

I think that it is sad to see other women chiming in as badly because, again, they do not care for the candidate themselves. Many of my facebook friends did and do now-reposting the Newsweek cover and making bashing comments, people judging if caring for foster kids for just a limited time was valuable and worth her mentioning, as examples.

They should get the same questions as any man and if they can answer and substantiate their answer, great. If not, it will reveal that they are not suited for the role. Period.

All that rant to say....the question does not surprise me. Now I might go throw up! haha!
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