Barbarosa and jeepcurlygurl, if my hair would look as good grey and white as either of yours, I'd do it in a minute! It's not so much the grey and white hair color for me that's the problem - it's how it simply DOESN'T go with my complexion. Although I'm not crazy about coloring my hair at age 64, coloring it the right color makes my complexion come to life! Reason I know - years ago I went to a wig shop, and tried on about a half-dozen wigs that had differing amounts of grey and white, all the way up to what all-white would look like, Every single one looked awful, at least to me anyway. Maybe when I'm 80-90 I might change my mind, or simply don't care about my appearance - or simply not able to color. That said, I do admire people who have taken the plunge, who rock their silver and where it actually looks good on them. An awful lot of times however, I see women who are going grey who just look washed-out, even with a good haircut, the way I did when I put on those wigs. The wig experiment scared me straight - into hair coloring LOL!