Hi. I started my transition 11 years ago and its been a gradual process. I stopped relaxing completely 5 years ago but I flat ironed each week until just a few months ago. I'm doing the curly girl method and each week I see more definition and I learn more about my curls.

A few things I want to pass on to new transitioners that might help with the process. I'm still learning but I've had a few break throughs I want to share...

- When I first stopped flat ironing my hair, it was a frizzy mess. Now that I'm on this journey I realized I used to see that, freak out and relax my hair. What I didn't know then was that my hair was showing me it needed TLC. My job was to figure out what kind of TLC it needed.(thank goodness for this site)

- Deep conditioning weekly was key in the beginning (and still is) and it took a few weeks before my curls where defined enough to look nice to go out as a wash and go style.I would deep condition and put it up as a wash and go until wearing it down was manageable (it took me a month do get there)

- Finding a good Leave in conditioner was the holy grail of my routine. No matter what conditioner I co-washed with the whole thing fell apart without a good leave in conditioner. It took me a while and it requires patience. My goal was to find something that left my hair soft after it dried. I finally found my formula (a little cantu shea butter and Kinky Kurly Knot Today)

- I need to do everything in the shower so I can easily wet my hair when there is too much product. I used to try to get out of the shower and do everything and spray with the water bottle. I never got that to work for me. If I'm too heavy handed I just run my hair under the shower quickly.

- Gels are the thing that hold the curls in one place until my hair dries ..like liquid curlers. I have to wet my hands then put a small bit of gel and smooth it through really wet hair...other wise it is crunchy and frizzy as the day goes on.

- Smoothing my hair with my fingers as I put product in makes a HUGE difference. I though I was just supposed to shake my hair and not comb it. or just use my fingers. I had pretty good definition but I still felt like a wild woman. Today a combed with a wide tooth comb and smoothed product in smaller sections. The curls are so neat! I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Hope that helps someone!
3b to 4a?

My Routine
Pre-Poo:Conditioner & Avocado Oil or Jamaican Black Caster Oil or Coconut Oil
Co-wash - One Hair for Dry Hair
Moisturize - Coco curls or beija flore creme brulee
Leave In - Shea Moisture Enhancing Smoothie
Gel - Kinky Curly Custard, Deva Spray Gel
Seal ends - Castor Oil

Weekly Routine:
Deep Conditioner - Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioner or Caster Oil & Coconut Oil

Last Relaxer May 2006