I was a regular on this board for a long time, but it's been years since I've posted. I cut all of my hair off in early 2009 and have kept it short ever since. I don't particularly love it short, I just hate growing it out. Ugh. Let's see how long I make it. I'd really love to have my long hair back again.

It's pixie length right now, so it is going to take a while. I have some old Jessicurl Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil, maybe I'll break that out again. I am getting my hair colored back to natural today to help aid in the growing-out process.

Fingers crossed. Wish me luck.
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I think you're pixie cut is sooooooooooo cute and flattering on you!!!! However, I definitely wish you luck on your growing-out journey....I've done it many many times myself.
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