Why does it matter what kids think about curly or straight hair? Can we just let them frolic and play in peace without pushing beauty standards at such a young age. And for the dating thing, if you don't like me just because my hair isn't straight then your just shallow ass and I wouldn't want to talk to you anyway. Get to know me first and then decide whether or not you like me or find me attractive.

This whole debate and research on straight hair being superior is silly.The definition of good hair is healthy hair. Not straight, curly, kinky, short, long, just healthy, well kept, and moisturized hair. So don't sit there and tell me the natural hair that grows out of my head is bad and wrong for society. When I do have kids, they will not be allowed to have any chemicals added to their hair. I will show them how to love, care, and respect their hair,mind, and body.

*sigh I'm done with my PSA announcement. I've been reading too many articles on "good hair" "bad hair" crap.