I think what's implied is that kids have fresh eyes. Their idea of beauty is more instinctive. If they like straight hair, then straight hair is "naturally" more attractive. I think that's BS of course. Our standard of beauty is very much shaped by culture. Men, women, kids have all internalized that standard whether they realize it or not, but this does not mean it could not change. It did for me... I find myself admiring other curlies in a way I didn't use to.

Anyone noticed that most old paintings and sculptures favor curlies? I'm convinced curly hair was the prevailing standard through most of history. If we assume straight hair is more beautiful because it's an instinctive thing, then we're trapped in a vicious circle.
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Generally, a healthy appearance is something considered attractive across every culture and time period, and a thick head of long hair is a good indication of health. Malnutrition and illness would be manifested in thinning hair, so the thick hair is sort of a biological sign that says 'I'm healthy! I'm able to carry a child!". Stick-straight hair generally has the appearance of being thinner than wavy or curly hair, so that would explain it's predominance in paintings of beautiful women.
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