I saw the same Ulta ad online and was curious about KeraStraight so I scoured the internet trying to find out more information and ended up with a lot of mixed results. I figured that there was no way of finding out if I would be a part of the percentage it would work for until I went in and tried it myself. So here's my experience:

I have 3b/3c curly hair, I've managed to really build a relationship with my hair and train it for the most part to do what I want it to. I almost never wear my hair curly for a lot of reasons currently (asymmetrical hair cut, dyed bright red, and short) so finding the best way to straighten my hair is my constant quest.

Living in the lovely beyond humid Florida I use product and flat irons to keep my hair from being frizzy and avoid any situations involving water, haha. So I called up my local Ulta salon and booked my appointment and sat in the chair hoping that when this was all said and done I wouldn't have wasted my money.

So far so good, my hair has NEVER felt this nice or been so manageable. It was a noticeable difference even when my hair is wet and curly. The curl is still there which I like because I don't want to just get rid of it, it's a part of me .. I just want to be able to change it when I please, haha. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others. The process was lengthy and a little expensive, but it now takes me 10-15 mins to straighten my hair rather than the 45-60mins it was taking me before