O that is so fantastic. I always tell ppl to join the AF if your gonna join the military. I'm another branch! Ha I'm incorporating what I'm reading with the 4 hour body and its pretty amazing. I'm actually eating more than I want to and losing weight and inches that's the best part.

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What branch are you in & maybe you can answer a question I posted in the 4a section. Did you transition while at boot camp and/or how did you handle your hair while doing so? I was thinking of bunning and co-washing but not so sure.

It seems like your routine is working for you. I may have to do a google search and check that out! I actually stopped weighing myself weekly. I figured as long as I'm doing the work then I shouldn't be gaining (knock on wood) & I will weigh myself when I see a very noticeable change in my body and the way my clothes are fitting. That way I'm excited w/the weight loss and I won't start thinking 'hey I lost 5pds I can have that whatever' like I sometimes do when I weigh myself weekly.

As of right now that's working and I'm thrilled that I started back jogging today. It feels sooo good. For a while I thought I was about to die (lol) however theres nothing like it. Especially when you sit back and process not only what you have done but also what you are capable of!
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