KellyzKurly - I am also in a rural area and had to purchase my Deva Products online or drive a half an hour to get them. Our hair does look similar! Mine is highlighted also.

I went to a Deva Salon a few months back to get a Deva cut and highlight...but it didn't work out as expected. The stylist started doing a Deva cut (she is certified...but wears her own hair straight) cutting individual curls...but by the end - she was cutting layers just like any other stylist would...more than a little disappointing! Also - she decided that since my hair has so many highlights - it was better to do a traditional highlight then the Deva technique. hair loves the Deva products...its just that my wallet doesn't! So I highly recommend starting with them - so you know what you can get from your hair - then, if you need to, shop around for something that gives you the same results for less money. Unless I'm mistaken...I believe that both these products are CG. I've been CG for about 9 months now - and am loving it! Good luck!
3a/2c Botticelli Curls

Deva No-Poo, One Condition, & ArcAnGel
RenPure Sulfate Free Shampoo, LA Looks Sport Gel & Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition

For 2nd Day: Lavender Spray & Gel Spray from CG recipe

Be curly and be free!