I'm fairly new to the CG method. I tried WEN for about 3 months and didn't get the results I wanted. I have long (below my bra strap) 2c hair, and it can be EXTREMELY frizzy. I have not yet started CG. Mainly because i'm not sure what products to use. This is where I need help. Below is my understanding of the CG method....please let me know if iv'e got it right. Thanks!!!

-First I wash my hair with a sulfate shampoo that does NOT contain silicone. Any suggestions on what one is good for the first wash?
-From then on I use a "cleansing conditioner" such as Sauve Naturals.
-After using my cleansing cond. I deep cond. my hair.
-Then I use a leave in cond. and finally a curl cream.

I know that i'm supposed to use a special towel that I can purchase from curlmart.com and that all products MUST be sulfate and silicone free.

Is this the correct steps in the CG method?? I really want my hair to be soft (not crunchy), shiny, and frizz FREE, but most of all I want my hair to be healthy again.

Thanks for any help/advice. It is GREATLY appreciated!!!