Really? I have to disagree here. She deserves the question because she has stated that she is submissive to her husband. Do you honestly believe every woman out there who follows a religion is submissive to her husband? That is ridiculous stereotyping. You are the reason it is so hard for a woman to be taken seriously in politics. Your expectations of what a woman needs to be versus what a man needs to be are unrealistic.
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You can't pin that on me.

The dogma of each of the Big 3 religions state that wives are to be submissie to their husbands, and if a woman candidate states she is religious, I'm going to take her at her word and assume she is submissive...until/unless she states otherwise.

Believe me, I wish it were different. I wish christianity, judaism, and islam didn't oppress women...but they do. I don't believe any of those religions are good for women. And I don't believe it's good for our country that we have a secret requirement that ALL of our presidents be practicing christians.
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See, now you're qualifying it. THAT I can agree with, but I think a woman politician can belong to a major religion without you assuming they will be submissive to their husbands. It's like when Kennedy ran for president and people worried he would answer to the Vatican before the needs of the country. It was a needless worry, as is yours.
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I should have phrased my first response better. I assumed we were talking about presidential candidates, and, since America has a secret requirement that all presidential candidates be practicing christians, I stated that all women candidates should be asked that question. That was a lot of assuming, and I should have been clearer that I was only speaking of practicing-christian-female-candidates being asked that question.

I do not think it is a "needless worry". With the current state of the conservative movement being heavy with fundamentalist christians, I think we should be asking these questions. I do not want gay-hater MARCUS Bachmann running this you?