I have been mistaken for jamaican or some other carribean islander, ethiopian or nigerian when I wear my hair in curls.And just because I know a little spanish, I must have been half latina or a dominicana mix. Some people swear I have some native american tribe in me, I do (what african american doesn't) but, not enough for me to walk around calling myself native american. People love assuming and when they find out I'm 'just' black it's a shock to them. And this was before I wore colored contacts for a year. *sigh

I'll admit I threw people off for a year because I wore grey contacts. People seriously assumed they were real for some reason and didn't believe me when I said they weren't and apparently they liked grey better than my naturaldark brown.*shrug (-__-) Combine that with high cheek bones, my eye shape, hair length (it was relaxed but healthy and long) and skin tone, people began to play the "guess where she's from"game on campus. But, I'm just good ol american black with traces of native american and german down the line. I don't really take offense to it unless someone tries to argue with me about it. Sometimes at my old job as a cashier, customers would catch me off guard by that question but, I smile and say black or african american and keep it moving.

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