Hey Pura Vida

From personal experience I recommend that you care for your own hair while in Spain. I lived/worked/studied in the north & south for a total of 3.5 years.

Initially I did my own braided extensions (thinking that I would not be able to find products suitable for my hair as easily as I can at home) WRONG!

First find a few staple styles that you can easily do yourself.

Second if you are on a budget and don't want to import products specifically for afro curly hair on-line, or buy overpriced commercial products from African salons, then just make use of the wonderful natural ingredients widely available like olive oil, honey, glycerin and add these to the high street hair care products you find (in shops like Mercadonna, Carrefour, Eroski)

Most Spanish women have curly hair & as they spend so much time on the beach they have a v. good range of moisturizing products that work well on our hair too. I generally found that the local store beauty products were of a higher quality than those in the UK (I'm from London).

After returning to London to live, I actually go back to Spain at least 3 times a year to stock up on my beauty favs which I can't get in the UK.

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Hair Type:High porosity, medium textured thick mass of curly coily woolly hair

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