I can't find Maybelline Age Rewind concealer in its old formula. It's now has a roller ball package (sounds like Roller Derby!) and has SPF--I cannot wear SPF in concealer. I am trying various drug store brands. Almay has one with a nice texture, but with only three shades, I can't find a match. Revlon Age Defying is the best so far, but the light-medium color is just not as good a match as the Maybelline shade I was using. :::::::sigh::::::::: Why do manufacturers always discontinue products I like?

My other issue is dry/flaky skin under my eyes, particularly just below the corners. That spot, particularly under one eye, almost looks chapped. Any recommendations for eye makeup remover (most irritate my eyes) and/or overnight moisturizer that will really baby and heal this delicate skin? Any concealer looks like crap if you put it over flaky skin.

Edited to add that the Maybelline site IS showing the old Age Rewind concealer, but when I try to buy it, all shades are out of stock. Maybe it really has been discontinued.

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