I had my hair cut quite short about a month ago so I am reading this thread with great interest!
I have to say I love seeing long healthy hair on women of any age & enjoyed having long hair myself for a few years but as someone else on this thread said the feeling of the beautiful long swishing hair blowing in the wind didn't quite meet with the image of someone who had been dragged through a hedge backwards I saw in the mirror!
My decision to go short was not totally age related, I have had my hair many lengths & styles over the years but I think my decision to keep it long was age related, I did't want people to think I'd had it cut just because I was over 40 so I had been putting off the BC for a couple of years at least.
I am quite petite & think all that long dark hair was dragging me down, I know I'm not ready to go grey yet so a good cut was the obvious solution. Anyway I'm so glad I finally went for it, a few people have told me I actually look younger & it has given me a real lift visually & psychologically, I'm not hiding behind my hair anymore!
I don't think my hair is always less maintainance this short as I have to style it every day & can't get away with just putting it in a bun anymore, but my hair can look good with less effort.
I have friends in their 40s & 50s some with long hair, some with short, some with grey, I love the fact that we are all different.
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