. Ok, I'll be 1 year natural on Sunday. My hair is growing up and out, and hasn't started to "fall" towards my face or fall in a downwards shape (if that makes sense). Now, when I blow dry my hair out, boy it's it 3X longer than what it is if I wash it and twist it, & I definitely hangs low. Is this a charateristic of tighter curled, thicker, kinkier hair? I'm somewhere around 4a/4b and my hair can take many different forms. Id just really like for it to grown downwards towards my face and neck instead of up and out, Without blow-drying. Anyone dealing with the same thing? Any suggestions?
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Your hair may very well start hanging more around a year and 1/2 (I feel like mine hung more at that point) or like someone else said, it may never hang down. One thing I do (I have mostly 4a, a little 3c in there) is pineapple at night, especially if I'm on second day hair. This helps it hang down and show its length more. For this reason, I usually wash my hair at night. Also, a lot of this is about technique. When I go to the salon, my stylist is able to style my hair in a way that makes my hair hang like its been stretched overnight. Unfortunately, I can never remember how to do that lol. But I would definitely play around with it. I used to pineapple it and then criss cross the ponies and pin them over each other. Now, my hair would look like a long, thin mullet if I did that. Just saying, experiment! Try different stretching techniques! Good luck!
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Thanks very much! I'll play around with it :-)