Just sounds like the old cliche the less ethnic looking the better thought process.

Unfortunately some still cave in to that false line of thinking even though in reality it isn't true.

I make an effort not to give into that false line of thinking but I won't lie it has taken quite a bit of effort at times. I have huge curly hair and not to toot my own horn but I have pretty hair. It's shiny, bouncy, voluminous and curly that's a good thing right? But I have been very embarrassed of it at times and I try not to give into that because when I look in the mirror I can objectively see it's prettier like this then wearing it bone straight, there is nothing wrong with it and I shouldn't hide it which I've admittedly done in the past. There is nothing wrong with my ethnic kinky curly hair and I'm not going to let others falsely make me believe that there is.