I've had a few. One time a stylist convinced me to get a relaxer cause my hair used to frizz a lot. So I did and over the next few days it fell out in clumps. All of it. Within 2 weeks I had about an inch of hair and had to wear hats every day. Another one was when my best friend came to school with some gorgeous highlights, she said she did them herself. So I let her do mine. She bleached my entire head white. That sucked. When I was about 16 and had very long hair my auntie who is a hairdresser did my hair and told me I needed a trim. I was like fine whatever. She cut my hair in a bowl shape then put curls in it with a curling iron like those old ladies on that old sitcom golden girls. That right there was just f**cked up. She has never touched my hair since and to this day still invites me to her salon and wonders why I won't set foot in it.

Oh yeah another time was when I was in a very small town in a state where there are basically no black people, like none. I went to a salon in one of their malls and the lady there swore up and down she knew how to do my hair, curly hair was no problem for her. She gave me a blow out but she put no tension on it, no products in my hair and the blow dryer didn't heat up much. Anyway she blew me out a nice giant (and I mean giant) afro then put some kind of curls on the end with a curling iron. And told me it looked really pretty. My mom and sister were mortified when they picked me up. I had to put my jacket over my head to walk through the mall to get to our car.

I won't even go into how my mom who's hair is a lot straighter then mine did some kind of roller set on my hair with nothing to set it with but water, took it down the next day and sent me off to school. It looked ugly to begin with but it expanded by the time I got to school, like really expanded. That was probably the biggest hair day I've ever had. I'll never forget that.

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