Some of these are straight horror stories!!! Anyhow my not so good experience took place when i was a sophmore at the end of the year. Earlier that year i got my hair cut in 2 very distinct layers cuz i always straightened my hair. Later that year i went back to the salon to get the layers evened since i wanted to wear my hair curly.(its a black ran salon so i had assumed they would know what to do) I guess the problem with my story is how stupid this lady was. My mom showed her the 2 layers and told her to cut the bottom one off to match the top. Then the lady stood there for 5 minutes and snipped my hair with one hand (yes meaning she was pulling my hair down to make sure it was relatively even or anything) and said i was done. I went home and straightened my hair and had to make my mom cut some of it cuz it was a hack job. 2 years later and i still have 2 layers cuz im to scared to let anybody touch my hair the top layer is barely past my shoulders and the bottom is half way down my back almost. Its so tacky!!!