Back in the day when I relaxed my hair, I was always trying to find a decent hair salon(I still am searching btw) I decided to try a salon that my step mom talked about. I made my appointment, got there early but still waited for an 1hour(red flag). All I wanted was a touch up, DC, and flat iron. Finally the lady got to me and had the nerve to complain about how ridiculously thick my hair was and how long it was going to take but, it was long and I must be taking care of it and according to her I must be mixed with something down the line in order to have hair like this (eye roll, she had super hater vibes coming from her) She relaxed the new growth and DC'd it. Then as I'm sitting in the chair with wet hair, all I hear is *snip snip. This bitty cut my hair! I jumped out the chair and said I definitely said I DIDN'T want my hair cut. She gave me the whole sweetie, I was just trimming off your damaged ends speech.I smell BS. (Side eye) A minute ago YOU said I had healthy hair and I know I do for a fact (I take pride in keeping my hair healthy; relaxed or natural). She snipped 3in from a section in the back of my head.I wanted to strangle her with the blowdryer cord so bad. I should known better, this chick was weaved up and down her crack with the obvious-I-will-melt-if-left-in-the-sun-synthetic hair that tangles easily. She probably didn't have any hair at all underneath and it wouldn't have been by choice. I smelled a hater.

Also, when I was in middle school, my youngest sister(9 at the time) cut my hair with safety scissors as I slept(I'm an extremely heavy sleeper). I woke up with hair on my pillow and I was so pissed off and it was choppy and uneven . Of course I got in trouble for confronting her about it and she got away with it. All I could do was wear my hair in a bad ponytail to hide the uneven-ness. Smh