right now i use mousse in my hair when it is wet, as well as leave in conditioner. it works great. but usually a few hours later after messing with my hair and fluffing it up a bit, a few hair frizz up and go out of place. on super humid days i feel like i need to touch up my whole head.
but sometimes water does not do enough to fix up those curls, so i am looking for a spray gel to use on these DRY pieces of hair to touch it up and bring it back to life, as well as getting rid of the frizz.
i prefer a drugstore spray gel that is free of alcohol. that is because i currently sometimes use pantene curly hair spray gel and it is very drying for both mine and my moms curly hair. i think there is alcohol in it.
does garnier fructis curl shaping spray gel contain alcohol? does anyone like it?
i am mostly looking for a spray gel for touchups/second day hair/frizz and that is inexpensive, that i can spray on dry or maybe damp hair if i dampen it first with the sink.
BUT IF anyone knows of any other type of spray that would be good for touchups but is not a spray gel, that would be good too so please let me know!
thank you!
ALSO if anyone knows of a good deep conditioner that is from a drugstore that would be great! i used to use aussie 3 minute miracle deeeeep but it dried out my hair badly from the -xane that was it. so i now know that i cant use anything with an -xane. i was considering garnier fructis 3 minute undo dryness reversal treatment. does anyone like this?

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