As you can see from my username, I'm in Las Vegas where it's dry 24/7. I know what you mean about adjusting to the climate change - I'm originally from the humidity-laden midwest, so I was in for some big changes when I came out here. All of my glycerin containing products went into the garbage after leaving my hair feeling like straw.

What seems to work best for me now is a simple leave-in conditioner (Suave coconut) and an olive oil-based hair oil (whatever Walmart sells) as a sealer. Surprisingly I can get a couple day's worth of wear out of this simple (and cheap!) routine... especially if I top it off with a teeny bit of a heat protectant gel by hask.

But I stress that's what works for ME. My son's hair, however is a completely different story. I still have yet to figure out what will help keep his twa moist...

Even if no one else responds to this thread (don't take it personal, it's just that the 4a board is always moving) keep checking in on this board in general. The ladies here are VERY knowledgeable and you can really find a wealth of information quite easily! It just may take some time with trial and error trying to find what works for you. Don't give up!

hth & g/l