Girl I've been natural before it was a thing to be natural. But in basic I kept my hair in a French braid and it was the healthiest my hair ever was because its a protective style. I'm in the Army. On another note everyone keeps telling me I look like I've lost weight so I must be doing something right.

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Isn't it funny how other people always notice weight loss before we do? I was at work one day and my co-worker commented on how big my pants were getting. I was initially like whatever till I went into the bathroom and looked in the large full length mirror and then I said ok...maybe they are getting a little big! Lol.

This looks Luke a great post, wish I had caught it in the beginning
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Beginning, middle, whatever. All are welcome to join!

As far as my goals go I kinda went into panic mode today when I realized how close my bday was! So while I have been drinking my water & green tea and taking my vitamins, I decided to step things back up and I went jogging today. It felt sooooo good!
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