I take 5000 mcg biotin per day, along with vitamins B6 and B12. My stylist and I both noticed my hair has grown faster than before. Also, I lose less in the shower. My dermatologist recommended it to me when I went to him complaining of excess shedding, and it really has helped. It has not bothered my skin in the least.
Armpit length (dry), middle of back wet, 2c/3a, fine, porous, color-over-gray, normal elasticity. Trying so hard to grow it out.
CG since June 2011 and loving it so far.
Product Junkie-love anything CJ. Used to love KT and KCCC, but lately doing nothing for my hair but flattening it.
Am experimenting with products to see what works for me. Seems like I get different results every day even if I use the same products!