Before i went all natural i got where am i from. Most people say I have an accent but i am not sure i never hear it but since going natural. I kinda get it a bit more. My curls aren't all super coiled i mean there a bit looser and in some places bigger like my brother said if he grew his hair out he's get some waves and tight coils because both his parents are straight Caribbean (slight touch of touch on our dads side) but i have more curl then 'nap' because i am technically half latino (his logic confuses me)
Some of my friends who haven't seen me all summer thought that my hair would be wilder or i guess nappier (which i am not even sure what that means) instead of spirally and loose curly

but i dont think your hair can show your heritage. i mean i consider myself quite a mutt. Panamanian, Dutch, Irish, Guyanese and i am sure some other things.
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I believe hair can show heritage to an extent. I mean think about it, a lot of west africans tend to have cloudlike hair in appearance, versus a lot of African Americans who tend to have more visible curls, I'm not saying this is fact, but this is from my observation. I'm not saying African Americans can't have have cloudlike hair and I'm not saying vice versa, just my observations. And by African Americans, I mean people who's family hair been here since the slave trade.