Hi there!I posted the answer to this in another thread but my mix has since changed so I will renew my answer. Yes there is a way to loosen the curl pattern.Yes it does work. I tried it and still do it. I had no curl patter and now im a 4b I will provide a link below as to how I found where this recipe came from. It's all natural.

Is the Naturalaxer Just a Bentonite Clay Mix? | LongHairCareTips.com

I make a bentonite clay mix and for a while used it every two weeks but didn't know how to moisturize my hair so it became scarily dry. To moisturize I use avocado oil and Shea butter. But I digress,here are the ingredients I use to loosen my curl pattern:

Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay(You only need to use a little because bentonite clay expands.I use a few teaspoons then let it sit for a spell.)
Burdock root- 3 Teaspoons
Fenugreek powder-3 large teaspoons
Rose petals- 1 handful
Myrtle Oil-2-3 drops
Clove Bud Essential Oil 2-3 drops
Sage Essential Oil 2-3 drops
Lavender Essential Oil 2-3 drops
Rosemary Essential Oil 2-3 drops
Valerian root Essential Oil -23 drops
Argan Oil(optional) 1 drop
Lipton Green Tea: Orange,Passionfruit, and Jasmine(optional)- 1 teabag
Honey(optional) 4 teaspoons


I put all of my dry ingredients in a bowl as I put my tea on to boil. I then pour the tea over the dry ingredients and let it sit. You can also pour your tea in with the mix and just boil some hot water whatever you fancy. I use a few drops of the essential oils/other oils in with that while the clay is still warm.

When using essential oils you really don't need that much because they are so concentrated. I once heard that using too much can cause sensitization of the skin. So I calmed down from the seven to ten drops I used to use I use about 3-4 drops of each oil.

I leave it in for 5 to 10 minutes or before it dries because when it does it is really hard to get out! And the most important thing of all is to moisturize afterwards, I use avocado oil and Shea butter. During the week I use a tea spritz made of Bhringraj powder, Red Hibiscus Powder,Argan Oil,and Avocado Oil. I bought the powders from AyurNatural Beauty | Ayurveda | Ayurvedic Products | Ayurvedic Herbs And on a side note they ship super fast as well,

Where to buy:

At first I went to my local health food store but I as I would later come to find, the amounts were small, I couldn't find every thing I needed, and it was so expensive!
I found Fenugreek powder at my local Indian food store in a massive quantity. The rest can be bought at Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc. and I also got some of my ingredients from Bulk organic herbs, spices & essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs. I go there mostly for herbs because their oils are pricey unless on sale like the avocado oil I got.

The Conclusion

I know you're glad I'm done writing, lol.I omitted some ingredients because I had no money at the time and have yet to use them in my mix  I really hope that I have been helpful in helping you! Send me a message if you have any questions.
Have a an awesome day and a great night    

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