I thought part of the point of a low-carb diet is to decrease caloric intake by increasing satiety.
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I've done low carb for about 14 years. Never heard this. When I first started and was really strict (under 30 carbs,) I ate A LOT of fat. It had to be calories. Even as I got past the point of wanting to loose weight and upped my carbs to a maintenance level (around 50 carbs), I ate A LOT of fat. Now, I'm not as good, so I'm a little more careful about the fat.

When I was being really good with the carbs and eating a lot of fat, my cholesterol was good (140.) It's still good, but not THAT low.
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This is what I always think about low carb. I end up eating a lot of healthy fats....which =more calories, right. ????