I am surprised to find that my hair is insufferably dry about a week in to CG. As a wavy, I was anticipating a greasy adjustment phase, but my scalp seems content with the new treatment. I am using Suave Naturals Coconut as a daily cowash. I am wondering if I need something with more moisturizing components or if I just need to give it a few more weeks and see if I adjust. The roots and short layers are slowly softening up but the last 10 inches of my hair is failing to respond so far. My short layers bounce up like ringlets (2c-ish) and the long ones are limp fuzzy s-waves (2b?). It is awkward and I end up putting it all into a huge clip most of the time.

The longest layers are half-way down my back and have been with me for years of straightening, so I am wondering if I need to cut them (I am not opposed to this; my hair grows fast), or if some kind of deep moisturizing conditioner would help them come back to life. My options are wait it out, try new product, or cut off long layers... any recommendations on what might work best?