It can take a while for your periods to really get back to normal, I think it took my friend about a year to fully be back to normal.

I recently was off BC for 3 months by accident (didn't order my refill in time...won't do that again!) but I was off of it for so long because I never got my period in those 3 months. Finally, I went to the doctor and she said as long as a pregnancy test came back negative, I could start back up immediately. So I have no idea how long it would have taken for me to finally get a period. FWIW, I went on BC at 19 and before that my periods were anywhere from every 30-60 days, so they've never been regular.
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Thanks Jaynee.

I went on BC at 18 for contraceptive purposes. My cycles started on or about the 20th of every month. I never tracked because it wasn't terribly important to me (like it is now!), but I do know it was the 20th, so my cycles were likely 29-31 days. I am just hoping they return to that quickly.
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How important is it to you to know exactly when you conceive? (To me, that's very important as it can really help with issues that may arise re: the timing of your pregnancy - to know when you are actually full-term, post-dates etc. and to not have issues with ultrasounds and measurements being wrong.) I say that because you could ovulate at any time and then only find out you are pregnant later, so I'd probably use a barrier method until I get a period so I can chart - in fact I'd even advise charting a cycle or two first if you're not in a rush before actually consciously trying.
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