My hair actually feels more moisturized with low-poo than it did with trying to co-wash. It may be something to do with coarse or low-porosity, perhaps the low-poo helps the conditioner get in? But anyway - better behaved and better feeling hair with the low-poo for me.
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Thank you for that! It might sound a little weird, but that is very reassuring for me. I've never done well with co-wash, and I thought that I was missing something. I even go for the sulfate shampoo once a month or so, and it makes a huge difference. My hair was a tangled frizzy mess a few days ago. I washed with sulfate shampoo that I grabbed from my straight-haired daughter's shower, and it did wonders. My hair is soft and so much less frizzy. Maybe it is from buildup (using no-cone conditioners and styling products), but I don't know. I've been rotating a few styling products while trying to find a good alternative to CJ (which is great, but I would like to find something that costs less), so it is difficult to guess which one is the problem.