@cysca how do you apply the KKC? I just can't seem to get it to give me curls. I get ramen noodles when I do it on wet hair and I've used the KT and Strawberries and Cream VO5 and still no go. I've used it on second day hair but never wet with good results.

@juanab the shealoe you are talking about is from Koils by Nature?

@allycoils I have shedding/breakage problems but I think I might rethink the non-protein approach. Even with a lot of conditioner my hair still has breakage when I detangle.
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I apply KCCC and KCKT to wet hair (use a spray bottle) along with Carefree Lite Activator Gel using my fingers one section at a time. I'll post some pics later.

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