When I was 14 I got a texturizer done. My mom told me it would be perfect for me because my curls would loosen. She even got a texturizer done and it turned out great for her.
So I go there and the lady who did my mom's hair did mine as well. It wasn't supposed to burn but my hair was burning as it was done. After all the stuff was washed out I saw that the bottom half of my hair died! They were limp and straight while the rest of my hair was loose curls. It cost more than $200. A few days later my mom took me back to the place(which was 1 hr away by bus/subway) and complained. She got her money back and free treatments to care for my broken hair. I get the treatments done and the lady nearly rips all my hair out while combing it. She was rough and combing my hair while it was dry! I had to go somewhere else and pay $50 like 5 times each to get real treatments. A year later I had to get 3 inches cut off because they wnever revived from the texturizer. I hate getting my hair cut short! I ended up with a bob! Luckily, I got the cut done at DevaChan so it looked good for a bob but I got highlights too. The guy left the dye or hair lightener on too long and my hair got slightley damaged again!