OK, just so you know, I'm showing this to my stylist. I have been searching everywhere for a curly pixie cut and you have exactly my curl! Love this cut, though you look great with it grown out as well.


I've had a short pixie cut for almost 3 years now. I'm in the growing out stages now, which is a total pain, but I loved having it short.

I cut it myself, and it was so super easy to care for. I used hardly any product - I didn't even use conditioner! It worked for my face shape and really brought out my facial features. I think it looks better on me than longer hair, but I've just grown tired of the short cut.

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That's such a compliment!

"hey, I want my hair to look like this girl who hacks her own hair off herself" lol!

Thank you!

It was around the time Victoria Beckham cut all hers off. I was angry bc I had done it first and they were all, Ooohh, she's the cutting edge of style. I'm like, uh, hello? No, I am!!

If I could get it to do this again, I'd be happy:

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