I was into kb's a few months ago and loved them! Don't really remember why I quit using them the last couple of months...maybe bc Jillian M. came out with a new DVD that I had to try I need to get a heavier one for sure-right now the heaviest I have is a 15 lb. My forearms were so bruised when I first started from doing cleans until I perfected my form.
SpaghettiHead-do u use a DVD? I bought a dvd from Lauren Brooks and she is awesome! She's had 2 kids and used kb's to get back in shape after both her babies. You should check her out on youtube if you haven't already. What size kb did you recently buy?
SG-training for a competion, congrats!! So what kind of results have you seen from kb's?
well, I think y'all have inspired me to ge out the Lauren Brooks dvd today and revisit my kb's
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