I don't get why people get so uptight about it been touched, maybe if they was purposely messing it up. The user who said she smacked the woman's hands away, that's a bit far tbh it's not like she came at you with a javelin.
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Yeah, I guess people (from a physical standpoint) only hug, kiss cheeks, and gently touch shoulders-- and that for family members. The most touching that strangers at the shopping center MIGHT do is touch your shoulder to get your attention or whatev. That being said, coming up to purposfully, not to ask you something, but to GET a big handful of your hair for themselves to touch might be veeeerry unexpected & sometime it does stop you in the middle of your trip to wherever. But yeah, I just them hurry up & play so that I can keep on my way. Buuut, some people, like the poster will touch back by swating that hand away, but usually that embarrass both the curly hair beholder & the curl crazy touch-ee. =P ~Well, If not the curly haired person, then at least it embarrasses the touch-ee!! That ends up sounding more like revenge! XD