Well I don't know what it is but even with wearing my hair down and no nothing to it for a few days, still like very sensitive, even teh wind blowing through my hair made it painful, no caps on my head, nothing. I am wondering if I was allergic to some conditioner I was using. . . . but dermatologist says if it doesn't clear u[p in a week or so, to do a scalp biopsy. No fun!
Medium texture
Normal porosity
Normal elasticity
can get weighed down with lots of oils
Co-wash-trying giovanni wellness
Rinse out: Garnier Body Boost, GVP
Leave-in: none right now, maybe a touch of SM curling souffle
Curl enhancer: AOMM and KCCC
Gel: Kiss my face gel
Low Poo: abba pure and natural, Giovanni Wellness
working on: getting rid of frizz from the get-go