I agree with the poster who said to look for photos of your face shape with the same cut and style. I think someone's personality really comes into play with a pixie. But, not knowing you, I think you could totally pull it off!

I don't know how easy/hard this might be- but also try to look at your curl pattern and where your curls or waves turn or corkscrew. I notice that the back of my short hair looks a little funky because I think the hairs there are about to make a turn and they are flipping out strangely. You might want to adjust the length its cut to so its not flipping out (or is flipping out, if you want it messy). I think with this bold of a cut, that takes a long time to grow out, I would definitely seek out a curly salon and have a curl specialist cut it.

I have had a secret desire to go pixie for awhile now. But I feel like I can't pull it off. And if I feel that way, I probably cant! haha! My hair is your length now, you would think I would be able to make the leap! haha! If you get the cut, update us with pics!
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