I'm not too sure on my hair stats but I believe they are high density, high porosity (I think!) and even tho my hair is fine it loves thick butters and thick creamy leave ins. But then again thats probably due to the high porosity-ness.

I usually retain length via twists but they look scalpy and get uber frizzy less then a week. So for now Im giving my hair a resting period to where I just wear a loose ponytail and do big jumbo twists for detangling. As a hairstyle I just pull out a twist in the front and strategically wrap a scarf over the rest.

Some of my favorite products are Qhemet and Shea Moisture Direct Leave In. Light leave in lotions that I use by themselves seem to just evaporate from my hair. Like Oyin Hair Dew and Curl Junkie Beauticurls Leave In.
Smacked with a head full of Dreamy tight Coils that refuse to have it any other way...
Finally maintaining a clean, moisturized scalp!
I'm really getting into my Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil now
Here we embrace the disorder of hair product buying

Why would I relax all the fabulousness?!
Inspired by Keenylicious

I swear the things that catch on in our society...
never anything with meaning
Inspired by LeeLee