Could you ladies offer some product suggestions from the Shea Moisture Line for fine haired curlies? I have only tried the Retention shampoo but that left a film on my hair. Don't know if I should steer away from the whole organic shea butter line (gold label). The PJ in me is warning me not to miss the sale, haha! Many thanks.

Oh, forgot my stats last post... fine hair, normal density, normal porosity (I believe), loves protein...
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I've used the Shea Moisture conditioner which my hair thought was a joke.
I also had a brief love affair with the Shea Moisture Masque. It smelled great and it was thick and creamy. Then I noticed my hair started shedding a lot more than usual. Oh well onward search for another DC.
I stay away from the pink line because coconut dries out my hair.

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