i'm new in a group of friends at school who are all pretty awesome, but one day they started talking about this curly-haired girl (who was in their group but left school last year) to me:

"you didn't see her around? she was really pretty, and her hair was AMAZING. it was curly like yours, but better looking, and it wasn't frizzy like yours at all! her curls were so perfect, and shiny and bouncy. & She let us touch her hair, and she said it wouldnt make her hair frizz up"

this was said after I complained that their touching my hair would make it frizz up.

I'm also the only one with curly hair, & everyone else either has straight or wavy hair. The wavies consider their hair as super curly, and think my 3b hair is super kinky. which I also find annoying. o;

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