I also posted this in the how's rasing your family thread but it just made me so happy soooo I'm posting it here too. Lol

It's really an amazing thing when your child starts speaking in sentences. I'm starting to see him as his own little person not just my baby, he brings us all so much joy.

Our family was in the car on the way home and the following conversation was between my Hubby and my 2yr old son.
"Daddy wait no home needa go to the store!"
"Son what could you possibly need from the store?!"
"Babe we have plenty of apples at home"
Me: "daddy's right we just bought apples"
(clearly annoyed) "no daddy apples at the store!"
"Ok I'll tell you what if we get home and there's no apples we will go to the store"
(get home, he immediately points to the empty fruit basket)
"see I eat all up!" and he calmly walks back out to the car yelling behind him "tum (come)on!"

The hubby and I died laughing, Noah was so serious!