Okay, So I have been CF for about 6 months now. In the beginning I was using the Deva product line per my new Deva hairdresser...but it just wasn't working for me, or I wasn't using it right.

Yesterday, I had all my hair chopped off in a short curly bob by a new Deva hairdresser that had better reviews and is in Boston.

My hair is AMAZING!! He told me to use the Set it Free in my hair while it was sopping wet (a lot of it) and only a little of the AnGel, because my hair is so curly already it has plenty of definition and doesn't need a lot of gel.

So I give 5 thumbs up to Set it Free..my hair was amazing; it had movement, it was shiny, it was defined, it did NOT frizz even with the car windows rolled down.

BUT...It's like $18 for a 6oz bottle and he used a whole 3oz bottle in my hair yesterday for this effect.

I am open to suggestions if anyone knows a more affordable, comparable, alternative product! Otherwise I'm going to be spending tons of money on this! Even with my hair in a short bob now, I still have a ton of 3B-3C curls, very thick!